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The FishCore facility within the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) is the largest zebrafish facility of its kind in the southern hemisphere, comprising 1000 quarantine tanks and 5200 main facility tanks (non-quarantine). FishCore has the capacity to meet the needs of ARMI, Monash University and the external biomedical research community. Genetically modified and mutant strains of zebrafish that model a variety of human diseases and conditions are available.

Monash's PPU is one of the first facilities in Australia having the capability to purify a large numbers of recombinant proteins for a variety of research purposes in a high throughput manner. The unit offers expertise in the optimisation of the protein expression systems using a high throughput approach, and once established is capable of rapidly optimising the purification protocol for the specific protein of interest.

Additional services include a sperm freezing and rederivation service for any long term storage requirements. FishCore is an approved QAP quarantine facility for strains that require international importation. A comprehensive importation service is available, relieving researchers of the problems associated with importation and regulatory requirements. FishCore also includes a state of the art zebrafish phenotyping and microscope facility.


  • Training in the use of zebrafish as a research model
  • Purchase and agistment of zebrafish strains
  • International and Interstate importation and AQIS approved quarantining of zebrafish strains
  • Exportation of mutant, transgenic and wild type strains of zebrafish
  • PC2 breeding
  • Zebrafish wild type, transgenic, and mutant embryo production
  • Cryogenic freezing and rederivation of zebrafish strains
  • Training in the use of the microscopes within the FishCore microscope facility
  • Access to FishCore phenotyping microscopes and their injection rigs
  • Access to FishCore microscope facility containing high end dedicated confocal microscope, and live imaging microscopes

Core facilities

  • PC2 zebrafish housing facilities
  • PC2 research microscopy facility
  • AQIS approved QAP zebrafish quarantine facility
  • State of the art recirculation and filtration systems to ensure optimal environmental conditions
  • FishCore staff specialising in aquatic animal husbandry


Basement of Building 17, Clayton